The 5 Hottest Sneaker Trends for this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you don’t want your feet to overheat in your shearling lined boots or winter sneakers, you’re probably already on the outlook for a pair of summer-friendly footwear essentials. We have compiled a list of the hottest warm weather sneaker trends you need to rock this summer!

 #1 Fun colors and prints

Oh yes, summertime is the time for bringing out the more daring colors in your outfits and footwear. Black and dark colors have dominated during the cooler months of the year, now it’s time to have more fun with your color palette and prints!

How about florals? Animal prints? — This season you’re permitted to go a little wilder than usual! And if you don’t like the idea of going all-in on a leopard print outfit, adding a more subtle pop of animal “fur” from your sneakers might be just for you.

Chic Summer Colorful Breathable Sneakers

Chic Colourful Summer Sneakers

2019 New Stylish Starry Flexible Sneaker Shoes

Bright Red Breathable Lightweight Sneakers

Trendy Colorful Canvas Shoes

Colorful Canvas Print Sneakers

#2 Let your feet breath!

When the temperatures rise, you might be tempted to opt for sandals or skip shoes completely to enjoy the freedom of going barefoot. But with super breathable materials and design features trending more than ever this summer, you don’t have to give up on your sneaker game just because the temperatures hit the high 80s.

During the warmest months of the year, materials like mesh and flyknit will be your best friends thanks to their super breathable properties. Your feet will thank you for the improved air circulation — there’s no reason to suffer just to stay on trend!

Just have a look at these hot weather kicks that will keep your feet cool and comfortable all summer long:

2019 Summer Hollow Out FlyKnit Breathable Sneakers

Hollowed Out Flyknit Sneakers

Trendy Summer Mesh Breathable White Shoes

Trendy Summer Mesh Sneakers

And should you want something more classy, that will go with your more formal outfits while being equally on-trend this season — have a look at these:

2019 Summer Trendy Hollow Out Platform Shoes

Perforated Suede Platform Shoes

 #3 Keep it retro!

The ugly dad-sneaker is still a thing this summer, maybe more so than ever. Thanks to ingenious design updates and more breathable materials, bulky does not have to mean warmer anymore. Now you can wear 80s-inspired athletic trainers, chunky 90s street styles, and early 00s technical sneakers with modern updates making them as ready for summer as your flip-flops!

And it is not hard to guess why the ugly sneaker trend simply won’t die. Chunky soles are as comfortable as your favorite pair of old worn-in jeans right out of the box. But where big platforms used to be a necessity to offer that level of comfort, today they are a fashion statement. — And what better way to make a statement than with the season’s trendiest kicks in bright colors and bulky styles?

2019 New Arrival Stylish Striped Dad Sneaker Shoes

Striped “Dad” Sneakers

 2019 Hot Sale Trendy Color Block Canvas Shoes

Chunky Colour blocked Canvas Sneakers

Women's Breathable Mesh Dad Sneaker Shoes

Breathable Mesh “Dad” Sneakers

#4 Interesting materials

Carrying over from a trend we have seen developing all year is the choice of interesting materials and textures incorporated into sneaker designs. This summer we are especially seeing this trend combined with a demand for more breathable shoes that keeps your feet cool and comfy as the temperatures rise.

You no longer have to sacrifice the comfort of wearing sneakers for a pair of stiff thin-soled sandals or ugly cork-bottomed slip-on just to stay cool. Now you can opt for a pair of stylish kicks featuring, e.g., floral embroidery that keeps air flowing to your feet:

Summer Breathable Mesh Hollow Out Shoes

Breathable Summer Mesh Sneakers

Or how about getting the best of both worlds; the comfort of a technical sneaker sole with the open design of a sandal?

2019 Trendy Summer Fish Mouth Sport Sandals

Fish Mouth Summer Sport Sandals

#5 Canvas is everywhere

It is not hard to see the appeal of this lightweight, breathable material and why it has become a staple in any sneakerhead’s collection. From athletes in the 50s to grunge rockers and skaters of the 90s, canvas sneakers have stood the test of time as one of the all-time greatest choices for summer footwear.

This summer, canvas sneakers are more popular than ever, get a pair in a simple understated design and they will go with literally anything in your wardrobe. We recommend choosing white soles and shoelaces to stick with the summer vibe and then go as wild or classic as you like with the canvas color to rock this trend.

Men's Stylish High Top Hip Hop Canvas Shoes

Non-slip Hip Hop Canvas High-Tops

Chic Couples Breathable Canvas Shoes

Chic Unisex Canvas Low-Tops

Trendy Summer Style Canvas Shoes

Trendy Bow-Laced Canvas Sneakers

Will you be rocking some of these trends this summer? What is your favorite trend of the season? How do you keep up your sneaker game without overheating? Did we leave any important summer trends out? Let us know in the comments below!


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