The TOP 5 Sneaker Trends You Don’t Want To Miss In 2019

2019 is almost halfway through already, so now is the time if you want to get on the hottest trends of the season. As summer is just about to begin on the northern hemisphere, these trends will help you find the perfect breathable, warm weather sneakers for you.

If you just want to skip reading and start shopping, you can find the trendiest sneaker styles of the season right here.

The Bulkier, The Better!

Yep, we had to cover this one. There was a time when chunky sneakers were only something your granddad would be seen wearing. But this trend really caught fire last season and it is not slowing down in 2019 either. In fact, this season we see even more options covered at every price point. — Are you into 90s-style running shoes, early 00s hyper performance kicks, or contemporary technical hybrid sneakers? Then you have options to choose from on every physical and virtual store shelf this season!


2019 Spring New Arrival Trendy Sneaker Shoes

Trendy Color Design Dad Sneaker Shoes
High Top Platform Trendy Dad Sneaker Shoes

50 Shades of White

If chunky, oversized platform kicks are not your thing, then you will be pleased to know that the ever-popular trend for clean, simplistic, white fashion trainers is white-hot at the moment. High fashion and menswear influencers have been pushing this trend for years now. White sneaks just go with any outfit and for any occasion, so no wonder they keep being on the short-list of men’s style ‘must haves’ season after season.

In 2019 this trend goes a step further though: Where white sneakers used to be just plain white, we now see multiple shades from cream and off-white to pure crystal white. — And 90s inspired pops of color on a white background is seeing a resurgence as well.


Men's Canvas Hip Hop High-top Shoes
Vintage Canvas Hip hop High-top Shoes
Chic High Top Beige/Black Martin Boots

Go for Texture

This is a new trend that is just catching on among the most die-hard sneakerheads and street style followers. But it is a trend that without a doubt will be defining for next season. So if you want to be among the first to catch the wave in 2019 or be prepared to level up your sneaker game for 2020, then differently, surprising and even weirdly textured designs and materials need to find its way unto your shoe rack.

Technology-driven sneaker design has exploded in recent years, but with innovation comes knock-off designs. So it is only natural that designers seek to use uncommon materials to stay fresh. — If your budget is not for luxury kicks from Gucci Flashtrek or Balenciaga Track though; don’t worry! The textured sneaker is finding its way to lower price tiers. Check for example these trending pairs:


2019 New Arrival Trendy Summer Color Block Sneakers
Couples Trendy High Top Leather Shoes
Trend Velvet Warm Snow Shoes

Futurism Technical Sneakers are back!

Remember the iconic scene from ‘Back to the Future’? The one with the self-lacing sneakers? — Those are no longer science fiction! Sneaker technology has evolved with the speed of light over the last decades, and now we’re seeing everything from smartphone integration to 3D printed sneaker soles. On the less gimmicky side, we’re seeing a ton of useful tech being integrated into sneaker designs.

Of course, the key reasons to opt for technical sneakers are the comfort and to turn (sneaker)heads on the street. So brands are highlighting their groundbreaking tech innovations with bright colors and hollowed out designs to call attention to the latest high tech improvements.


Trendy Design Black Blade Sneaker Shoes
High Top Breathable Air Sock Sneakers
Trendy Non- slip Hollow Out Sneaker Shoes

Its Game Time! Basketball season is coming to an end!

NBA Finals are just around the corner, and with it comes the inevitable search for the big name stars’ signature kicks. However, this trend is no longer limited to basketball fans or on-court athletics. — And you certainly don’t have to pay the premium to have the name of a superstar on your shoes to get a pair of top quality kicks. Basketball sneakers have gained an equally huge following among skaters seeking the shoes’ ultra shock absorbing designs, as well as street style enthusiasts raving about the multicolored, multilayered styles.


High Top Leather Basketball Shoes
Inch Increase Breathable High-top Basketball Shoes
Inc Increase Wear-resistant High-top Basketball Shoes

So what’s your favorite sneaker trend? Which of these trends will you be rocking this season and beyond? Did you think we are way off on some of our suggestions? Or did we leave an important trend out? Let us know in the comments below!


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