The ultimate guide to style the most trending sneakers of 2019

Officially a style of footwear that goes from day to play, from the gym to the office and into the weekend, sneakers are everywhere in 2019. Since nothing quite bridges comfort and style like them, we have put together our favorite ways to style the season’s most trendy sneakers for any occasion, from casual to dressed up and everything in between!

1. Casual Running shoes and technical sneakers

While all sneakers are essentially a sporty option for footwear, that closest connection with the athletic world is going to be your most casual option. This season 90s inspired running shoes, basketball kicks, and technical sneakers are all seeing a resurgence because they offer what sneakers do best — comfort! 

The very features that make them comfortable, such as their technical materials and shock absorbent soles are also what gives them their casual vibe. The more of such details, the more casual. But casual does not mean you have fewer options to style them.

Take for example the trend of chunky, retro-inspired sneakers. These will pair great with both your favorite light wash mom-fit or other loose fitting denim and with a tracksuit in a contrasting color to let the sneakers steal the show.

2019 Summer Mesh Breathable Color Block Sneakers

Summer Mesh Breathable Color-Block Sneakers

If you’re going to take it to notch sportier, you can pair a pair of basketball kicks with a pair of athletic shorts and be ready for the basketball court or the gym. Or pair them with your favorite street styles to easily transition from your workout to the street.

High Top Leather Basketball Shoes

High-Top Leather Basketball Shoes

2. Work appropriate Options, options, options!

There was a time when nothing but black high polished leather shoes were acceptable at the office. Today that has changed and most workplaces accept pretty much any type of footwear. However, if you want to appear professional and competent, some sneakers are more suited than others. Your best options are the most understated and simple kicks available. The first that comes to mind is all-black or all-white sneakers in a sleek, clean design. This season white sneakers come in every shade under the sun, from eggshell to pure white to cream and beige nuances. And black sneakers are as always everywhere!

Casual White Shoes

White Light Weight Sneakers

Black and white are probably the most versatile easy to style sneakers available, but you can always class it up a bit with a pair of brown shoes. Brown is a classic option that pairs particularly well with any wash of jeans, as well as any lighter colored bottoms in the summer.

Cowhells Soft Dough Peas Shoes

Cowbells Soft Dough Peas Shoes

And finally, there are canvas sneakers. These go perfectly with your office-appropriate attire at work. And with a ton of color options, you can go as safe and simple or wild as you like. Thanks to the understated vibe and texture of the canvas you can incorporate brighter colors than allowed by other sneaker types and still look professional. Keep your outfit simple and in muted colors to let the sneakers stand out.

Chic Couples Breathable Canvas Shoes

Chic Breathable Canvas Sneakers

3. Going out Fashion sneakers

Is there any other reason for going out than to have fun?

Probably not, so this is a great opportunity to have fun with your footwear and try out sneaker styles you wouldn’t necessarily wear every day. You, of course, grab your off-duty essential kicks and head out the door. But these season fashion sneakers are putting emphasis on ‘fashion’, and come in more experimental and fashion-forward styles than ever.

So why not boost your sneaker game — and your height — with a pair of platform sneakers that make you stand out on the dance floor? This pair will go equally well with oversized tailoring and the season’s trending dresses:

2019 Summer Trendy Hollow Out Platform Shoes

Trendy Platform Sneakers

Or go all-in with a pair of colorful floral print sneakers, combining several of this season’s hottest trends, from platform soles to an expressive colorway. These pair well with evening appropriate black outfits or let you have fun with color matching the florals on the shoe:

Stylish Floral Print Sneaker Shoes

Stylish Floral-Print Sneakers

So what’s your favorite way to style sneakers? Which other topics should we cover next? Are we way off on some of our styling suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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