Top of the Class Back to School Sneakers for 2019

Bad news — The summer vacation will soon be over… Soon it will be goodbye to beach trips and hello to the classroom. But the new school year is also your chance to stand out in the schoolyard and hallways during recess. If you’re beginning a new chapter as a high school freshman or have changed school over the summer, this is your chance to enter your new surroundings in style! And leave a great, fashionable first impression on your classmates. We have collected our picks for the hottest back-to-school sneakers for the late summer and fall 2019. So you can be remembered as the freshest freshman around!

Oh, and we forgot to mention; our picks let you rock the hottest kicks on campus without blowing your budget. You don’t have to spend everything you (and possibly your parents) have on a pair of Yeezys of Off-Whites to look amazing this semester!

Go for the Ultimate Comfort

Going back to school in style does not mean you have to suffer in the classroom after wearing slippers at the pool for a month straight. Sneaker design and technical materials have made shoes available that are as breathable and comfortable as your favorite beach sandals, keeping you cool and looking stylish all day long. Just have a look at these ultra-breathable high top sneakers. Their super soft construction makes them shape to your foot, feeling like you’re only wearing socks. By keeping the airflow going, your feet will stay cool and comfy even during the hottest part of the school year this August:

 High Top Breathable Air Sock Sneakers

High Top Air Sock Sneakers

Animal prints — the hottest trend of the moment!

Animal prints and motives are all the rage right now. But you don’t have to go all-in wearing leopard print from top to toe — unless you want to of course! With these always-on-trend white kicks, you can inject a touch of wildlife into your footwear game with a more subtle and toned down crane print design. These sneakers feature all the latest footwear tech to take you comfortably from the classroom to a game of pickup ball during recess. With shock-absorbent soles, abrasive resistant materials, and a breathable mesh surface, you don’t have to worry about sweaty, stinking feet or scuffed shoes when returning to class after a game of hoops:

Men's Trendy Crane Printed Sneaker Shoes

Trendy Crane Printed Sneakers

Prestige sneakers at a fraction of the price

If you want the look that dominates high school hallways right now but doesn’t want to spend absurd amounts of money on brand names, then these textured fashion sneakers are for you. With the recognizable hyped up profile they look every part as awesome as much more expensive sneakers and gives you the same benefits in terms of design, comfort, and construction. The non-slip rubber sole keeps you from slipping in that ketchup someone spilled on the school cafeteria floor — nobody wants to be that new student making a fool of him or herself the first day!

The FlyKnit mesh upper shapes to your foot and stays breathable throughout the day. The abrasive-resistant construction keeps your shoes looking like new. And the textured design makes your sneaker game stand out in the hallways, schoolyard, and classroom without screaming for attention:

FlyKnit Breathable Sneaker Shoes - Unisex

FlyKnit Unisex Sneakers

Ready for the basketball season?

New-season means new kicks. The first step to securing your spot on the basketball team, or even among the starting five, is to change the worn-out shoes from last year for a fresh new pair of basketball shoes. You’ll need the grip from new soles and the best shock absorbing properties to improve your game and avoid slipping or getting injured.

Luckily, basketball kicks no longer have to be a huge investment. If you can live with a pair of shoes that doesn’t carry the name of an NBA player, you can get great shoes for a fraction of the price. Like these Inch Increase Breathable Hightop Basketball Shoes coming in a range of color profiles to match your uniform or let you stand out on the court.

Inch Increase Breathable High-top Basketball Shoes

Inch Increase Breathable High Top Basketball Shoes

Don’t forget the boots!

With the beginning of the school year, fall is coming up. Soon cooler months, rain, and mud will be at your door. And you will need extra protection from your footwear on your way to school. That means that boot weather is around the corner.

A pair of campus/school ready boots is the best investment you can make this fall. We suggest a pair with a chunky, high traction sole to keep you on your feet in all kinds of weather and fit in with the seasonal colors of autumn. A brown pair of leather boots will be as durable as you need them to be and easy to pair with anything from jeans to track pants. But you can always go with a pair of boots in all black if that’s your style.

British College Trend Flat Booties

Women's British College Flat Boots

Men's British Trend Martin Boots

Men's British Martin Boots

So what kicks will you be wearing this school start? And how will you be styling them? What other topics should we cover next? Did we go wrong on any of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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